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Gabriel Casique
Personal Data

Personal Data

Place of Birth:   Caracas, Dtto. Capital, Venezuela

Date of Birth:    06/18/1985

Citizenships:     Venezuelan, Colombian

Marital Status:  Single


High School grade in Science, Colegio San Agustín El Marqués (July 2003).

Computer Engineer (Bachelor in Computer Science), Universidad Simón Bolívar (December 2018).

In my training as a Computer I Engineer I developed taking me experience in multiple programming languages like C, C ++, Java, Python, PHP, Prolog and Haskell. Learning about several agile methodologies such as AUP, XP, UML and SCRUM. I learned about advanced techniques on computer graphics, artificial intelligence and software engineering.


I am an accomplished Senior Web Developer, UX/UI Leader, Software Engineering Expert and 3D Artist. I'm an experienced video and sound editor for video composition and 2D & 3D animation. Also I am a Certified Instructor of Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0. I'm an experienced graphic designer for digital and printed media. I am a proven self-starter and problem-solver with programming, 2D & 3D animation and traditional art experience. I possess extensive leadership skills, including leading multitasking teams. I am always open minded about all kinds of cultures for multicultural teamwork and multinational associations. I'm a creative worker, leader and manager totally motivated taking new risks and challenges; to fulfill with creativity and professionalism over expectations. I’m committed to the projects all over the money, the most important things are the project, the place and the people. I am a Professional with a perfect hybrid mixture between Arts and Science in every work. My level of commitment, my concentration level, my personal and professional background, my experience in multiple areas and my passion in my work and my team make me the best candidate for your position offer. I can do better and exceed goals better than anyone else.

I'm a descendant of a minority group from a native tribe of the Zulia state in Venezuela called Wayuu. The origin of my tribe is the border area between Colombia and Venezuela called La Guajira, with a population of approximately 144,000 descendants. We are a Amerindian population with Colombian and Venezuelan nationals. A group of less than 150k people in all the world.

Job Experience

Senior Software Engineer, BairesDev (November 2019 – Present)

Since November 2019 I’m designing and developing User Interfaces, JavaScript and Angular code developments for BairesDev clients as a Software Engineer. My work is focused on handcrafting beautiful UI & UX designs and Front End Engineering. We’re not building just a website, an app, or software. We’re creating an experience. We’re telling a story and connecting with people. Through strategy, design, and technology, we create beautifully crafted websites, apps, and brand experiences that engage today’s consumer. Starting with a research oriented stage the UX strategy is built. An Information Architecture correlated with existing user mental models and expectations is a cornerstone of the UX design. User testing sessions are conducted to improve the design. A Look and Feel (UI) is created with a Front End Development and Integration with the actual project. As a BairesDev Senior Software Engineer I have gained experience building mobile apps on Ionic platform for Android and iOS. Also I have developed a web platform front end with JavaScript, Angular, Nebular and Bootstrap frameworks.

Instructor of Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, Autodesk 3ds Max and Pixologic Zbrush, Arts Instituto de Computación Gráfica. (October 2008 – October 2019)

As Instructor I have designed, organized and taught courses of Autodesk 3Ds Max from version 2014 to version 2019 to graphic designers, engineers, publicists, architects, high school students and many more people. Always committed to make the learning process easier and adaptable to all kinds of public. The satisfaction of making students learn is the most important fact in this kind of job.

Also I have designed, organized, redacted manuals and taught courses of design and animation in Adobe Flash from version CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, Pixologic Zbrush and ActionScript 3.0 to graphic designers, publicists, high school students and many more people.

I also developed a program to create manuals of Institute courses. A content manager system made with Adobe Flash, with ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe Air 1.0 extensions.

In my complete experience as an Instructor in Arts Institute, I gained a huge experience on all Adobe Creative Cloud programs, and also in several Autodesk programs. I can easily adapt to all kinds of new software in the computer graphics universe.

Research Assistant, UNIVERSIDAD SIMÓN BOLÍVAR (September 2003 – December 2008)

From 2005 to 2008 as assistant of the Decanato de Estudios Generales, I designed posters for an informative campaign by the Vice Chancellor's Office for articles of the intern laws of the university in September 2007. Also I designed, organized and taught “Fast Track to Flash 8” course to “Equipo Técnico de Voluntarios en Computación” in 2006.

As regular tasks, I designed and made several printed materials necessary to events: posters, flyings, and advertisement animations. Also designed and diagrammed the quarterly Decanato’s magazine “Universalia”.

In my work in the Decanato I get a great experience designing the dependency’s website on HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and MySQL databases. I also developed a great experience building printed magazines and posters with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

From 2003 to 2005 as assistant of the Departamento de Sistemas Multimedia, I developed 2D & 3D animations to several multimedia applications: teaching materials, corporate and personal presentations, and videos for television (La SimónTV channel). I got a huge experience on recording, editing and post producing videos for this dependency’s social media and broadcasting tv shows for the University’s TV channel.

Sole Engineer and Freelancing, (Since 2005)

I’ve designed multimedia applications’ UI and websites’ UX/UI. I’ve created 2D intro and outro animations, and graphic designs. I’ve designed product catalogs. I’ve been responsible for website maintenance, working on the design of some companies’ logos and animations. I’ve created the application that clients use to train and test their employees using a SCORM model for Windows users. The application includes a reporting system that sends emails with the test results to the employee and the HR manager. This app was developed with Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0 and MySQL. I designed a roulette web for a lottery company, using Adobe Animate, JavaScript and MySQL as database. The system makes a query to the database and then shows the winner’s number on a roulette table in 2.5D graphics.

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash/Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, ActionScript 3.0, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL.


ACM SIGGRAPH (May 2013 – Present)

From February 2017 to Present I have performed the position of International Resources Sub-Committee for Latin America. Promoting the new develops in art and science in computer graphics in Latin America and participation in the coordination of talks for the annual conference. Also I have participated in the creation of the Committee Game “Triviatron” developing a new game application to raise interest for the Siggraph conference. Working with Unity to code and build the Committee Game “Triviatron” as part of the parent app Scavenge AR. Acting as Internal Center Manager for the Siggraph Conference. Successfully conducting all conference-related activities.

I have redacted articles and broadcast interview podcasts with people from the computer graphics community. Promoting new computer graphic developments in art and science in Latin America. Translating to Spanish all the information needed to advertise the ACM Siggraph Organization. I have coordinated talks for the annual conference since 2017.

Last year I was the International Center Manager for the Siggraph Conference between July 28th and August 1st managing a group of 25 volunteers from the entire world.

From May 2013 to August 2016 I helped the organization as Student Volunteer for the conferences: Siggraph 2016 in Anaheim, CA, Siggraph 2015 Conference in Los Angeles, CA, Siggraph 2014 in Vancouver – BC, Canada, Siggraph Asia 2013 in Hong Kong and Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, CA.

JOINCIC – Jornadas Interuniversitarias de Ciencias de la Computación (October 2008 – June 2014)

In that time I performed the position of Advertisement Coordinator: Between five years developed the advertisement campaigns with all kind of printed materials and design of social network graphic posts for 3rd JOINCIC (May 2010), 4th JOINCIC (June 2011), 5th JOINCIC (May 2012), 6th JOINCIC (June 2013) and 7th JOINCIC (June 2014). Creating all kind of advertisement material for printed media and social media.

In 2009 I served as Collaborator of 2nd JOINCIC, (June 2009).

Centro de Estudiantes de Ingeniería de la Computación, Universidad Simón Bolívar (October 2008 – June 2012)

Between 2008 and 2012 I collaborated with the Computer Engineer Student Center working on graphic design and organization of these events: Creating all kind of advertisement material for printed media and social media.

-Collaborator of ACM-ICPC Super Regionales Latinoamericanos de Programación, (Nov 2012).

-Collaborator of: XIV Maratón de Programación (Nov 2012), XII Maratón de Programación (Oct 2010), 

           XI Maratón de Programación (Oct 2009), XIII Maratón de Programación (Oct 2011), 

-Executive Committee of X Maratón de Programación, (Oct 2008).

-Video for the Opening of Compushow 2011 event.


ASME USB, Universidad Simón Bolívar (October 2009 – June 2012)

I Developed the Memorials CD from: “X Congreso Anual de Ingeniería ASME USB” (June 2012). 

“IX Congreso Anual de Ingeniería ASME USB” (June 2011).

“VIII Congreso Anual Ingeniería ASME USB” (November 2009).

Technologies Used: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.

TEDxUSB, Universidad Simón Bolívar (March 2012)

-Collaborator of TEDxUSB Conference First Edition.


Autodesk ETC Iberoamérica

-Design Challenge Autodesk Fusion 360 (December 2016)

-Basic Modeling of "Modern Hand Lamp" features (October 2016)

-AutoCAD + Fusion 360 as 3D Modeling (June 2016).

-Autodesk Fusion 360 (April 2016).

Arts Instituto de Computación Gráfica

-Course Online Instructors Induction (June 2016)

-Course 3D Studio Max Character’s Animation (May 2016)

-Course Adobe Premier CS6 (August 2013).

-Course Pixologic Zbrush (December 2010).

-Course 3D Studio Max Advanced Illumination and Render (September 2008).

-Course 3D Studio Max 9 – Particles (September 2007).

-Course 3D Studio Max 7 – Character Studio & Reactor (September 2006).

-Course AutoCAD Three-dimensional 2005 (April 2005).

-Course AutoCAD Two-dimensional 2005 (April 2005).

-Course Combustion v 3.0 (September 2004).

-Course 3D Studio Max 5 – Photometric Lights (December 2003).

-Course 3D Studio Max 5 – Advanced (September 2003).

-Course 3D Studio Max 4.2 (September 2002).

Microsoft Venezuela C.A.

-Course Introduction to Applications Development with Visual Studio .NET (May 2008).

Laboratorio Docente de Computación, Universidad Simón Bolívar

-Basic Course of C ANSI (February 2007).

Centro de Diseño Digital

-Course Fast Track to Dreamweaver MX (September 2002).

CENEAC, Centro Nacional de Enseñanza Asistida por Computador UCV

-Course Director 8 (September 2002).

J.M.C.D Centro de Diseño y Sistemas

-Course of Graphic Design on: Freehand, Flash, Fireworks, Quarkxpress, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop and Pagemaker (November 2001).

PDVSA, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.

-V Course of Reflex Photograph Black & White (April 2001).

Aditional Know-how

-Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge, Adobe InDesign.

-Programing with languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0, PHP, XML, Prolog, Python, GCL, OpenGL for C++, ASP.NET.


-Development of GraphicUnited.com, a social network for computer graphics society (On going).

-Development of education modules for employees of Movistar-Telefonica Venezuela C.A., Cedipca Consultores C.A. (December 2014).

-Design and development of the educative multimedia program “Los Diablos Danzantes de Yare”, Universidad Simón Bolívar (September 2012).

-Development of prize draw web application for Movistar-Telefonica Venezuela C.A. customers, World Tel-Fax Electronics C.A. (May 2011).

-Design and development of the advertising multimedia program to Instituto De Computación Gráfica Arts (September 2006).

-Design and development of the educative multimedia program “El Arte de la Impresión”, Universidad Simón Bolívar (September 2005).


Special Mention, Contest “Logo para el Decanato de Estudios Generales” (May 2011)

Decanato de Estudios Generales, Universidad Simón Bolívar.

Award “Bienal a las Mejores Innovaciones en la Enseñanza Mediada por Tecnologías de Información o Comunicación” Edition 2007

Vice Chancellor's Office USB (Vicerrectorado Académico USB), Universidad Simón Bolívar (January 2008).

I am the only one to win this award as an undergraduate student in the history of the Simón Bolívar University.

Second Place. “Diseño de Portada” Contest (June 2007)

Japanese Language section of Languages Department, Universidad Simón Bolívar.

First Place. “Logo para Boletín Informativo CTC Informa” Contest (December 2005)

Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnología del Comportamiento, Universidad Simón Bolívar.

Special Mention. Contest “Buscando Logo para la Unidad de Laboratorios” (April 2004)

Unidad de Laboratorios, Universidad Simón Bolívar.